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There is an old fallacy still current amongst leftists that companies thrive by providing bad products. The most common example is that cars are made to last a set period and then rapidly deteriorate. Now it is true that some companies followed a strategy of deliberately limiting the life of their cars. The market has decisively rejected this ploy. Toyota has for decades been renowned for cars and engines that last longer than most others. Their resale value remains higher than normal even when they age. Toyota has since become the largest car company in the world and is strongly profitable. This proves that people do in fact recognize durability as a value (just not the only value).
Furthermore Toyota has for decades pursued cost containment strategies for continuously improving productivity and reducing waste of materials. This was done for profit reasons yet is is also good for the environment. Every saving of raw materials means that less natural resource are used to make cars.
Lately Toyota also developed a hybrid car. This is a bad idea on the whole but it is probably the least bad way the environmental movement's agenda could be furthered.
So Toyota is eco-friendly, profitable and produces good cars. Why are American politicians not begging Toyota to take over American companies and introduce better management? Instead they ignore Toyota and praise incompetent wasteful companies that produce inferior cars.
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